Welcome To Vila Brazil Restaurant

Hungry for a taste of Brazil? Then Vila Brazil is the restaurant for you! Vila Brazil offers a taste of home for those lucky people who grew up with the satisfying flavor of Brazilian cooking. Come to Vila Brazil to enjoy this country’s tender, juicy, mouth-watering meals again and again. Vila Brazil serves churrascaria as its centerpiece fare, and customers rave about the experience!

Afficionados say…

Don’t just take our word for it. Let out customers tell you how they feel about our restaurant. For years we have been building a restaurant that feels like we are feeding our friends and family. Come and be a part of our family.
  •   Went there with the family yesterday for lunch and it was crowded. called in ahead Asked for a table of about 25 people they said instead they would just sit us as we would come in. Got there and there was not enough space for everyone and they didn't tell us that. Some of the kids in our group had to sit on the floor and eat. We were separated which I was fine with at first. sat at a table with a friend and was waiting on some one else. I was trying to get someone to get my drink order but no one ever came around. Everyone just kind of ignored us. I wanted the drink before getting food but that wasn't even possible because no one served us. About 20 minutes of waiting one of the servers comes up to us and asks us to move to a smaller table since we were only 2 and they needed to sit someone else where we were but I was waiting for someone else who was almost there. So I didn't move. Service here is horrible. It definitely was the worst service I have ever gotten. Most of them gave us bad attitudes like we were a bother. Didn't eat while my whole family did. And me and my friend didn't get drinks. Everyone was ready to leave so We just gave up on getting a drink or food and left with the rest. Only wasted my time.

    thumb Isabela S.
  •   My husband and I love Brazilian Steakhouses. I love to go for the salad bars and him for the meats. Vila Brazil is great place if you are going for the meat.

    We have been here twice. We love the price. You can't beat $25. The service is a little lacking. The waiters and waitresses are great and very helpful but they seem to be lacking gouchos. From what I could tell there only appeared to be 2 gouchos working on a Sat night which I thought was strange. We had to wait several times just to get served meat and the gouchos kept walking past our table and not even asking if we were interested in anything. I noticed the second time we came here our little green and red dot was missing and that could be why they kept walking by us and not stopping. I asked the waiter where our dot was and all he said was that it was missing and not to worry he would get them to come over to us. I did see him go talk to the gouchos but they still rarely stopped by.

    The salad bar is lacking...well salad. They had a little lettuce and some tomatoes but a majority of it was hot foods and not really a salad bar that you see in a normal Brazilian steakhouse. All the hot foods were pretty tasty but I would like to see more cold items offered.

    Except for these 2 minor issues Vila Brazil really is an amazing place to get your Brazilian steakhouse fix. It is tucked away in a small shopping center and does not have the appearance that most Brazilian Steakhouses have but it still taste amazing.

    thumb Rachel I.
  •   Neighborhood Brazilian steakhouse complete with soccer -er football on TV. The intimate interior is located in a strip center on the 183 access road.

    The wine list is limited as one would expect from a smaller restaurant. But the food is exactly as you would expect from one of the chain restaurants in this culinary genre. And so is the price. Perhaps even more side entrees options.

    But you are here for the meats so experts bypass the salads, sides, and bread. The choices were plentiful and cooked to expectation. Guest and I enjoyed experience. You will too supporting a local business owner offering up cuisine that tastes this good.

    thumb Stuart C.
  •   I was introduced to Vila Brazil back in 2006. The quality has been consistent through all the years. We chose to eat here for anniversary and it did not disappoint. At the end of the meal we were brought a Chocolate Raspberry Mousse cake on the House.

    thumb Kelly S.
  •   This was our first time to the restaurant and i must say we loved it here! The staff was very friendly and the food was delish. My favorite was the lamb, the pineapple and of course the cheese bread i don't know how they make them but absolutely delish!!!we will definitely be going back. Reasonable price 25.99 per person for all the food you can handle.

    thumb Anna C.