Welcome To Vila Brazil Restaurant

Hungry for a taste of Brazil? Then Vila Brazil is the restaurant for you! Vila Brazil offers a taste of home for those lucky people who grew up with the satisfying flavor of Brazilian cooking. Come to Vila Brazil to enjoy this country’s tender, juicy, mouth-watering meals again and again. Vila Brazil serves churrascaria as its centerpiece fare, and customers rave about the experience!

Afficionados say…

Don’t just take our word for it. Let out customers tell you how they feel about our restaurant. For years we have been building a restaurant that feels like we are feeding our friends and family. Come and be a part of our family.
  •   The customer service was great, we got a private room for a group of about 20 adults, it was really nice. The food was at best average in my opinion, I don't think I would go back again. I did like their black bean soup!

    thumb Rita A.
  •   Went there with the family yesterday for lunch and it was crowded. called in ahead Asked for a table of about 25 people they said instead they would just sit us as we would come in. Got there and there was not enough space for everyone and they didn't tell us that. Some of the kids in our group had to sit on the floor and eat. We were separated which I was fine with at first. sat at a table with a friend and was waiting on some one else. I was trying to get someone to get my drink order but no one ever came around. Everyone just kind of ignored us. I wanted the drink before getting food but that wasn't even possible because no one served us. About 20 minutes of waiting one of the servers comes up to us and asks us to move to a smaller table since we were only 2 and they needed to sit someone else where we were but I was waiting for someone else who was almost there. So I didn't move. Service here is horrible. It definitely was the worst service I have ever gotten. Most of them gave us bad attitudes like we were a bother. Didn't eat while my whole family did. And me and my friend didn't get drinks. Everyone was ready to leave so We just gave up on getting a drink or food and left with the rest. Only wasted my time.

    thumb Isabela S.
  •   A little off the beaten path.  This is hiding behind the CVS.  You will notice the pricing here is almost half of Fogo and Texas, but don't let it fool you. This had much more of a family feel to it.

    The types of meat served are why it commands a lower price. The offerings do not include filets or ribs.  However, the offerings are quality.  The meats all have excellent dry rubs, are cooked properly, and and are good cuts of meat.

    The wine list has about 8 reds and 8 whites; we have a few bottles at a work dinner.   The red (can't recall the name... Alamos?) was excellent with he meal.  

    The service seemed to be up and down at times. It felt like we had a person there every moment, then no one to be found; half a star for that.  

    Overall, this is a spot I'd recommend if you are close by.   Sorry I didn't take photos....

    thumb Bjorn B.
  •   I wasn't that happy, walked in and wasn't even greeted. Waited around and finally someone came to seat us and literally put us in the cramped area and then we waited around for the first round while everyone around got serviced. Then we were skipped several times and only brought repeated meats.

    thumb Stephanie H.
  •   Wow... I am blown away! What a GREAT steakhouse. No it doesn't have the best decor, yes it has a smaller salad bar but the meat! The FLAN (free!)!! The service was very nice and efficient. The price is spectacular. I wouldn't hesitate to go here again or recommend this place for a party.

    thumb Thao N.